loyalty points

The loyalty points system is a way of thanking you as our customers for your support and being such loyal customers and we now offering you rewards. In this sense we are now giving back to those who’ve been keeping us in business… How the loyalty points system works: Whenever a customer comes and spends at your place, they swipe their card and they earn points according to their spending’s, and when they have reached a certain number of points they get rewards, vouchers, prizes, or discounts, etc. and why would the customer complain cause they have been spending already and they’re getting nothing for their support, and as a customer you will have that will to reach the amount of points so that you can get rewards of your expenditures. Loyalty points system Options: The system has three options for a user to choose from, >> A user can check points at the place, just by swiping their cards and asking to know how many points they have accumulated already. >>A user can redeem points when they have passed the minimum amount of points to be earned before you can start claiming your rewards >> Whenever a user buys and presents the card, he/she will earn points for the amount of money they spent at that point. How the rewards work: For every R10 you spend, you earn a point, and when you have reached 100 points you can start claiming or exchanging your points for a R108 prize/discount/voucher. Card = R30(and it comes with 10 points to get you started

Smash It Up // Facivii - Endless Me
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